The mission of Lawrence Advance Academy is to provide students at risk of not earning a diploma within the allotted four-year timeframe the opportunity to earn credits in a focused atmosphere in which the pace is determined by the individual student’s desire to meet this goal.

Lawrence Advance Academy is built around the premise that in education, one size does not fit all. The secondary intervention system is currently a three-tiered approach, and Lawrence Advance Academy is a tier three intervention. Students may not fit the traditional school format at Lawrence Central/Lawrence North for many reasons:
  • Academic Struggles
  • Social Issues
  • Behavioral Issues*
  • Attendance Problems
  • Mental Health Issues
Students at the Lawrence Advance Academy have the opportunity to take Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. Much of the content is delivered online under the direction of the classroom teacher. Students completing the Lawrence Advance Academy program will receive a diploma from their respective high school (Lawrence Central or Lawrence North), and will have all rights and privileges afforded to others from those school.